Active and Passive Voice Questions For SSC

Active and Passive Voice Questions For SSC

Questions related to English “Active and Passive Voice” In these types of questions, candidates have selected the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice. These questions are asked in the examinations. Through these given questions, the Candidates can prepare for the upcoming Exams.


Q 1. How many chapters does the book contain?

Q 2. He wore a blue shirt.

Q 3. The residents celebrated Diwali.

Q 4. The tailor will have sewn the shirt by tomorrow.

Q 5. They are building a house next door to our school.

Q 6. Ashok will teach the child.

Q 7. The recently damaged roads are being repaired by them.

Q 8. A small epitaph had been laid out by them in his memory.

Q 9. Can she write an interesting story?

Q 10. Have the box broken.

Q 11. The jury is considering the case seriously.

Q 12. They were being disturbed by him.

Q 13. Ashiyan won the match after a tough fight .

Q 14. She had been appointed by the company as the in-charge to look after the issues.

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