Fill In The Blanks Question For SSC

Fill In The Blanks Question For SSC

Questions related to “Fill In The Blanks” In these types of questions, candidates have to Select The Correct Option Using Noun, Adverb, Tense and Grammar Etc. These questions are asked in the examinations. Through these given questions, the Candidates can prepare for the upcoming Exams.


Q 1. He died ________ martyr in the cause of independence.

Q 2. Do not impute motives ________ him.

Q 3. He is independent ________ his parents.

Q 4. One should not question ________ does not concern him/her.

Q 5. Only when ________ failed, the army resorted to force.

Q 6. Only one of the girls ________ not done the homework assigned.

Q 7. He has good ________ over the famous world languages.

Q 8. Global Warming is the number one environmental ________ we face today.

Q 9. I haven't seen you ________ a week.

Q 10. He knows French and German ________ Russian.

Q 11. _______ is an example of Adverb of Time.

Q 12. The postman _______ argued that the address was wrong.

Q 13. George _______ for Dubai tomorrow evening.

Q 14. _______ being a doctor, Anusha is good at music and has been leaving _______ a club.

Q 15. The king jumped _______ his horse and rode _______.

Q 16. _______ that Indian will be self-reliant soon.

Q 17. He was the only son of the old women who fell _______ the river.

Q 18. They saw an aeroplane flying _______ their cottage.

Q 19. Each _______ a torch.

Q 20. The members of the committee _______ to the proposal.

Q 21 Let's go home, _______?

Q 22. I could see a boat _______ the bridge.

Q 23. Brussels _______ enjoys the status of the cultural capital of Europe.

Q 24. Jabir has _______ M.A. in Communication from _______ European University.

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