One Word Substitution Questions For SSC

One Word Substitution Questions For SSC

Questions related to English “One Word Substitution” In these types of questions, candidates have to select the most appropriate One Word Sustitute. These questions are asked in the examinations. Through these questions, the candidates can prepare for the upcoming exams.


Q 1. A person who does not believe in any religion

Q 2. Government by elected representatives

Q 3. One who pretends to be what he is not

Q 4. Someone who is able to use both his hands with equal skill

Q 5. Group of people living together in the same locality

Q 6. One who draws maps

Q 7. Birds of same species flying together

Q 8. One who tends to take a hopeful view of life

Q 9. A member of an armed group of thieves who attack travellers

Q 10. A doctor who treats children and infants

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