Active and Passive Voice

Q 1. How many chapters does the book contain?

Q 2. He wore a blue shirt.

Q 3. The residents celebrated Diwali.

Q 4. The tailor will have sewn the shirt by tomorrow.

Q 5. They are building a house next door to our school.

Q 6. Ashok will teach the child.

Q 7. The recently damaged roads are being repaired by them.

Q 8. A small epitaph had been laid out by them in his memory.

Q 9. Can she write an interesting story?

Q 10. Have the box broken.

Q 11. The jury is considering the case seriously.

Q 12. They were being disturbed by him.

Q 13. Ashiyan won the match after a tough fight .

Q 14. She had been appointed by the company as the in-charge to look after the issues.