Fill In The Blanks

Q 1. He died ________ martyr in the cause of independence.

Q 2. Do not impute motives ________ him.

Q 3. He is independent ________ his parents.

Q 4. One should not question ________ does not concern him/her.

Q 5. Only when ________ failed, the army resorted to force.

Q 6. Only one of the girls ________ not done the homework assigned.

Q 7. He has good ________ over the famous world languages.

Q 8. Global Warming is the number one environmental ________ we face today.

Q 9. I haven't seen you ________ a week.

Q 10. He knows French and German ________ Russian.

Q 11. _______ is an example of Adverb of Time.

Q 12. The postman _______ argued that the address was wrong.

Q 13. George _______ for Dubai tomorrow evening.

Q 14. _______ being a doctor, Anusha is good at music and has been leaving _______ a club.

Q 15. The king jumped _______ his horse and rode _______.

Q 16. _______ that Indian will be self-reliant soon.

Q 17. He was the only son of the old women who fell _______ the river.

Q 18. They saw an aeroplane flying _______ their cottage.

Q 19. Each _______ a torch.

Q 20. The members of the committee _______ to the proposal.

Q 21 Let's go home, _______?

Q 22. I could see a boat _______ the bridge.

Q 23. Brussels _______ enjoys the status of the cultural capital of Europe.

Q 24. Jabir has _______ M.A. in Communication from _______ European University.